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GRASS4FUN: Monitoring the contribution of european grasslands to to the conservation of soil biodiversity and ecosystem function under multiple global              change stressors. Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (EU Biodiversa +).  PI: Pablo García Palacios. 2023-2026. 89.540 €. Ref PCI2023-145994-2.

CONTRATO DE APOYO TECNOLÓGICO: Soil fungal inoculation for sustainable agriculrure. Universidad de Zurich (Suiza). PI: Pablo García Palacios.

            2023-2027. 40.000 €. Ref 20231643.

URBANCHANGE: Mechanisms driving soil carbon responses to climate warming in urban greenspaces

Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Proyectos TED 2021). PI: Pablo García Palacios. 2022-2024. 221.950 €. Ref TED2021-130908A-C42.

DUALSOM: Harnessing the dual role of soil organic matter in crop production and climate change mitigation

Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Proyectos I+D+i Retos Investigación). PI: Pablo García Palacios. 2021-2024. 127.050 €. Ref PID2020-113021RA-I00.

∑OMMIT: Sustainable Management of soil Organic Matter to Mitigate Trade-offs between C sequestration and nitrous oxide, methane and nitrate losses.

 EJP Soil (European Union). PI: Pablo García Palacios (Project Coordinator Alessandra Lagomarsino). 2021-2024. 11.000 €. Ref 862695.


Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. PI: Pablo García Palacios. 2020-2025. 40.000 €. Ref RYC2018-024766-I.

MICROAGRO: Deciphering the microbiome associated to the origins of agriculture

Fundación BBVA (Leonardo Fellowship). PI: Pablo García Palacios. 2020-2021. 39.856 €.

SKR-decomposition: Linking plant community assemblage, soil fungi and ecosystem functioning: an experimental test using plant trait distributions

 British Ecological Society. PI: Pablo García Palacios. 2018-2019. 5.451 €. Ref SR17\1297.

Juan de la Cierva grant

MINECO. PI: Pablo García Palacios. 2018-2020. 6.000 €. Ref IJCI-2014-20058

DECOMFORECOLitter decomposition in forest ecosystems: assessing the functional role of climate, litter quality and soil organisms

European Commission’s FP7 Marie Curie IEF grant. PI: Pablo García Palacios. 2013-2015. 201.932 €. Ref PIEF-GA-2011-29921.

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