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Pablo García-Palacios


Ecosystem ecology, soil ecology, plant microbiome, agroecology, litter decomposition, soil carbon cycling

Distinguished Researcher at ICA-CSIC

Research Associate at University of Zurich, Agroecology & Plant-Microbiome Interactions

Honorary Member at URJC

Steering Committee of the Global Initiative of Crop Microbiome & Sustainable Agriculture

Associate Editor in Functional Ecology

Subject Editor in Ecosystems


PhD students

Javier Palomino

FPI scholarship

Responses of soil organisms and processes to plant domestication

@javpalde [web]


Ana Campos

FPI scholarship

Relationships between soil organic matter and crop yield


Luna McGill foto.jpg

Luna McGill

FPI scholarship

Climate change impacts on drylands soil carbon




María José Fernández-Alonso

María Zambrano grant

Plant microbiome of crop wild progenitors 

@MJFerAlo [web]

Miguel de Celis

Research project

Plant microbiome of crop wild progenitors 

@MigueldCe [web]


María Leo

Research project

Soil carbon in urban ecosystems



Foto web BJP.jpg

Beatriz Jiménez

Research Assistant (Garantía Juvenil CAM)

Sustainable agriculture & climate change, soil C in urban ecosystems 


Lab alumni

Jorge Papadopoulos. MSc student at URJC 2009 (Spain).

Amaya Lachaize Müller. MSc student at Centre d'Écologie Fonctionnelle et Evolution - CNRS 2014 (France)

Zuriñe Iglesias. JAE internship at ICA-CSIC 2020 (Spain). Currently MSc student at Kassel  University (Germany)

Elena García. JAE internship at ICA-CSIC 2021 (Spain).

Marina Dacal. PhD student at URJC 2017-2020 (Spain). Currently postdoctoral researcher at Freie Universität Berlin (Germany).

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